The power of WEBRIXS is perhaps that we are honest.

Webrixs is a trusted partner of Bpm’online. We take care of the implementation and integration of Bpm’online products for your business.

We believe in the perfect product, but more so in the perfect match. With Bpm’online Software as basis. A solid foundation with endless possibilities. But, what does your company really need? Together we select the functionalities that fit your ambitions. We create in-house customization solutions, such as custom-apps, that contribute to your success. Webrixs also continues to contribute to the perfect experience for your customers and employees after implementation.

Implementatie & integratie

The first step towards a new CRM is inventory and advice. We manage projects according to Scrum and Agile principles. From data migration to the link with current IT systems. We provide a total solution, including support and training of staff.

Maatwerk oplossingen

Every company has different goals and other wishes. We offer a CRM solution with a solid foundation. Together we determine which features your business needs. We ensure the perfect match between the CRM of Bpm’online and your ambitions.

Marketplace applicaties

A perfect platform can always be better. We build applications that are compatible with the Bpm'online stack. Applications that add that little extra. We deliver these applications to customers worldwide. You can find them in the Bpm'online Marketplace.

Consultancy & advies

Before, during and after the implementation of your new CRM we will remain involved. We help you among others With privacy management and the optimization of processes. From commercial challenges to technical specifications. We are always ready to help.

The Webrixs Approach

We Create solutions that makes everyone better

We make choices that contribute to sustainable growth

We build your success together with you

We believe that differences strengthen

We do not hide behind emails, we love phone calls

We do not follow, we walk our own route

We like to respond quickly and a short implementation time

We are direct but never rude


Every company is looking for ways in which they can work more efficiently and productively. Translating data into insights, automating basic processes and providing employees with the best tools are essential to success. Webrixs offers a perfect product and ensures the perfect match with your business and your ambitions!

Bpm'online is widely recognized by leading industry analysts and receives multiple awards

What our customers say

"Webrixs levert uitstekend werk, is zeer betrouwbaar en last but not least, ze communiceren goed welke naar mijn mening vrij zeldzaam is bij IT-specialisten."

"Davey is echt een top professional. Snelheid en kwaliteit definiƫren hem en zijn bedrijf Webrixs."

Kurt Farazijn

CEO| Public Partners

"De samenwerking met Webrixs was voor ons een hele positieve ervaring! Wanneer we een vraag of probleem hebben, wordt er altijd heel snel gereageerd.





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