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Marketing Creatio & Webrixs

Webrixs is a trusted partner of Creatio. We are responsible for both the implementation and the integration of Marketing Creatio for your business. Together we determine which features are indispensable for your success and how we can get the most out of this innovative software. Do you have specific additional wishes? Webrixs builds custom solutions, so you can get the most out of your marketers with the best tools!

Creatio Marketing EN

The Customer is king


Know your customer

Successful marketing starts with knowing who your (future) customer is. With all the information in one place, it is easy to get to know your customer better and to anticipate his or her needs.


Personal service

Detailed customer profiles and innovative segmentation tools make a personal approach easy. Leverage all up-to-date customer data to share unique messages with customers.


From lead to deal

Make sure you are always a step ahead of the customer with an insight into the complete customer journey. Keep up to date with the changing needs and (online) customer activities and play smart.

Marketing Activities


Marketing campaigns

From setting up the campaign to sending out marketing messages, with Marketing Creatio you'll easily automate your complete multi-channel campaign.


Email marketing

Personalize communication, send bulk emails and measure the response to your campaign. Email-Templates, A/B testing and UTM-parameters will give your email marketing a boost!



Events are awesome, but also a lot of work. With Marketing Creatio, you’ll automate all the processes around each event, from webinar to conference, and you get an insight into the impact of your event.

Creatio Marketing EN
Creatio Marketing EN

Boost Your Business


Optimise processes

By automating basic processes, your marketing team has more time to devise innovative campaigns and create truly added value. The dashboard of Marketing Creatio offers your employees all the data they need to perform optimally!


Maximise productivity

The Creatio BPM platform offers a lot of tools that increase productivity and efficiency. Think of: One central place for all customer data, an online knowledge base and Enterprise Social Network (ESN) with which employees collaborate easily online.

Marketing Campaigns

Do you want your marketing team to be able to focus on what’s really going on? Marketing Creatio automates all basic processes and provides employees with one database with all the information they need to excel.

Are you curious of how Marketing Creatio makes a success of your next campaign? Webrixs will be happy to show you! Please contact us for a demo.

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